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For a lot of us, Monday during a pandemic (in lockdown) may not feel much like a miracle.

However, a conscious shift in perspective may help you feel better.

Problems or not, life really is a freakin miracle.

The odds that you even exist at all has been calculated as 1 x 10 (2,640,000).

Basically zero, yet we take this for granted, especially during the hard times.

I was on a seminar this weekend with Jerry Posner on the topic of luck and miracles.

Here are a few of his daily ‘miracle-making’ reminders.

  • Visualize the outcome & the steps to create it.
  • Have clear, unconflicted desire & belief.
  • Be willing to exercise extraordinary effort.
  • Ask for assistance. Accept when offered.
  • Actions to take? Put them on the ‘to-do’ list.
  • Choose rational optimism & expectations
  • Give yourself permission.

I believe that life happens for us not to us.

We can place our attention and energy on what we can control.

And choose positive expectations.





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