Coaching and Courses

Coaching 6 – 16 weeks

Rewire with Brian Coones program is 1-on-1 coaching program that I tailor specifically to you and your goals based on the 5 Rewire pillars below.

1.        Reinvent: Goals, life-plan, personal awareness, clarity, beliefs
2.       Reorganize: Schedule, habits, daily-routine, accountability, discipline
3.       Reinvigorate: Movement, self-care/love, cold exposure, nutrition, sleep, nature
4.       Reprogram: Meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, mindset, visualization
5.       Release: Obstacles, healing, openness, trapped emotions, 5D & Holotropic breath

One hour per week together on the phone or zoom, split this into 2×30 mins depending on your preference. Full support outside of scheduled calls. I create custom guided meditations, breathwork practices and habit guidelines each week to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.

Online Rewire Course – 6 Weeks

This self-paced 6 week course has everything you need to Rewire your mind and body to manage stress and reach the next level of health & happiness!

What matters is YOUR results! To support your journey, I’ll be there every week to help guide you through. 

Rewire is based on 4 M’s, Mindset, Morning (habits), Mindfulness and Meditation. This is a stackable course and each week we go deeper bringing it all together.

With every course enrollment, you will also receive the following:

  • 6 Month access to weekly Zoom group coaching, Q&A, accountability, breathwork & meditation practices,  special guests, and live teachings.
  • 1 x  one-on-one call at anytime to go deeper with your practice and personal journey.
  • 6 Downloadable guided meditations to accompany each week’s lessons:
  • Mindset - Your life is as good as your Mindset.
    • Your Why
    • Conscious & Subconscious Mind
    • Fixed vs Growth Mindset
    • Beliefs and Blockages
    • Action, Discipline& Grit
    • Raising your Vibration
  • Morning (habits) – Your habits will determine your future.
    • Protecting time for Self-Care/Love
    • 20 20 20 Rule
    • Gratitude Practice
    • Cold Exposure
    • Affirmations & Journaling
    • Nature & Joy
  • Mindfulness–Awareness is the greatest agent for change.
    • Creating Mindful Awareness
    • Attitude and Tool of Mindfulness
    • Resistance & the window of tolerance
    • Managing negative thoughts
    • Mindfulness for the brain
    • Stress, healing and transcendence
  • Meditation – Discover your true self.
    • Week 1 - Tummo Breathing & Body scan Meditation
    • Week 2 - Ocean Breathing & Mindfulness Meditation – Dynamic Alignment w focus on breath
    • Week 3 - Earth Breathing & Mindfulness Meditation – Focus on Thoughts
    • Week 4 - Box breathing & Mindfulness Meditation – One Pointed Attention
    • Week 5 - Heart Breathing & Mindfulness Meditation – Allowing & Letting Be (Equanimity)
    • Week 6 - Tummo Breathing & Mindfulness Meditation – The Core Self