I protect mine and my family’s energy by limiting media consumption in our household. There’s a fine line between staying informed and being overwhelmed.

On Sunday I received a text message from my sister who lives in LA. “Turn on the news. All hell has broken loose in the USA and LA. Riots. Looting. We’re locked down on curfew.”

The week prior I watched the gut-wrenching video from May 25 of George Floyd being killed by the Police in Minneapolis. It was FN painful to witness the torture of this man and I felt rocked with pain, sorrow, confusion, frustration, and anger.

Every Monday I post something to motivate or help brighten someone’s day. This Monday I was numb and said nothing. This followed by #blackouttuesday.

Today is Wed June 3rd and I want to briefly share my thoughts and beliefs. We are all one. On a deep level beyond ego, identity, race, gender, Country, and religion we are all connected. Not just human beings but everything.  What we do to others we do to ourselves.

Right now the world needs more Love and Kindness. That might sound cliché and woo woo but it’s FN truth for me. I hope that Love and Kindness will overcome. Love is the opposite of Fear.  Fear fosters hatred and ignorance.

Wisdom about ‘Listening’ from the Dalai Lama today was timely for me. I will stay in my lane and focus on what I can control and influence – but I will be Listening for opportunities to raise vibration and awareness.

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