Monday Wake Up Call

The struggle is real for many of us now. The novelty of PJ’s, Netflix and day-drinking wear thin after a while.

Trying to remain positive does nothing if you are not actually feeling it.

When our fear centers are lit and our tyrannical left-brains are ruminating, all kinds of negative emotions arise creating all kinds of havoc on our mental health and immune system.

Meditation is the absolute antidote for this, but it is certainly not a quick fix – it takes time and practice -which I highly recommend you do of course.

Breath is life – it’s our breath that can return our minds and bodies to a balanced state very quickly, in the moment.

If you are having ‘red zone’ stress-related episodes, give this a shot.

1. STOP – stop what you are doing, I recommend setting a notification on your device at a regular interval throughout the day with a tone to that represents STOP.

2. Wake up and pay attention to what is actually going on in this moment. Where are you right now? Notice how you are feeling and give yourself props for waking up.

3. Take slow deep breathes. Deep breathing instantly changes the chemistry in your body. Direct your attention to the breath and notice how it feels in the body.

Remember to be grateful for the little things today.

“Where focus goes, energy flows” Tony Robbins

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