Reduce & Manage Stress Part 3 – Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork

“Change as a choice instead of a reaction” Joe Dispenza

Here is something that many people may not realize or believe. Our main stress source is repressed and suppressed emotions, internal not external, not someone or something. Accumulated repressed and suppressed feelings trigger what we are holding down when we face discomfort.

The work to reduce and manage stress is an inside job. When we accept this fact, we can stop blaming outside factors for the way we feel and reclaim our power to change.  There will always be situations that are painful and cause discomfort, it’s our resistance to what is that dictates the level of suffering we endure.

Creating mindful self-awareness of what triggers us, how long we remain triggered, and how long it takes to return to our center is what the journey is all about. What tools and techniques can we practice developing greater self-awareness and resilience?

Sleep, diet, and exercise must be mentioned as these 3 are the pillars of mental and physical health. Meditation, breathwork, journalling, and cold exposure are 4 powerful tools and daily practices that can help us self-regulate now, but more importantly, give us insight into our inner world and allow us to heal over time. What we feel we can heal, what we resist persists.

Like learning a language or a musical instrument, managing stress and rewiring our brain and nervous system take time. Regardless of where you are at today, you can elevate your mental health, inner peace, happiness, and joy by protecting time every day for deliberate practice.