Rise Above

That humbled, peaceful feeling when emerging from the cold.

Peaceful & present, despite the icy water and minus double-digit wind chill.

Letting go and surrendering to the moment exposes our limiting beliefs as BS.

And reconnects us with the source of unlimited potential that flows from within.

The mind is a powerful force that can enslave us or empower us – it’s our choice.

You can break out of the cyclical 3D mind prison of shame, guilt, and fear – and rise above.

It requires awareness and practice to get out of your mind and reconnect with your higher self.

You don’t need to go swimming in January to accomplish this! But it’s a damn powerful wedge.

Meditation, breathwork, music, love, laugher, and gratitude practice all create beautiful alignment.

Sometimes to be free, it’s as simple as not wanting to be or trying to be, but rather just being.

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