#10 Michael Grayer – Fitness & Mindset

Rewire with Brian Coones
Rewire with Brian Coones
#10 Michael Grayer - Fitness & Mindset

Michael is a master of transformation who had helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals (including myself). Mike is an IFBB pro bodybuilder (Men’s Physique) and co-owner of HARD studio in Toronto and is currently training to compete at Mr Olympia in 2020. Michael shares his story of how a devastating injury in his early athletic career led him to a dark place and how bodybuilding saved him from depression. We discuss the good and bad of fitness industry and how mindset and fitness transformation can lead to mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. We explore Michael’s recent spiritual awakening and how that has affected his life in a very short period of time “I lost myself trying to please everyone, now I’m losing everyone trying to find myself”.

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