I hit a wall. I became the life and character I thought I wanted. I reached the top of the mountain I had created in my mind, only to feel empty, anxious, and alone. I realized that external success does not create lasting happiness, and eventually, my destructive patterns caught up to me. I pushed too far and ended up in ICU in a coma from an accidental drug overdose. This was a wake-up call, and the birth of my first child became my Why. Why I began an inward journey of healing and self- awareness. I wasn’t aware that childhood trauma and programming were still subconsciously in control.

I surrounded myself with teachers, healers, coaches, mentors, and spiritual guides. I joined groups and masterminds and attended retreats. Most importantly, I created a daily meditation practice. I don’t have a biological Brother, but I lost a brother to mental health along the way. It rocked me to the core to have let him slip away on my watch. 

My intention and purpose became one of service. To help others create mental and emotional health and strength. Mental health and stress management is an inside job. When we do this work, we rewire our brains, heal our nervous systems become resilient and self-aware. This is emotional fitness. When we live free in the present moment, we have the clarity and energy to manifest our highest expression.

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