Embrace The Struggle

Life is a gift. A temporarily gift however that passes by very quickly if you don’t pay attention.
In any given moment, we have two options in life, step into growth or step back into safety. Safety is comfortable and familiar but creates more of the same experience and results.

Somewhere along my own journey I choose to face the fear of the unknown and rewire my Mindset about doing the hard work of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Consistent hard work now gives me a sense of joy and bliss but only because I chose not to avoid the pain and decided to fully embrace the struggle.

In order to best prepare for this ongoing struggle, I’ve had to train my mind, body and spirit. Not just for a particular event or deadline but rather every single day from now until I die. #nodaysoff

Habits such as going to bed and waking early, eating clean, managing bad habits & stress, exercising daily, practicing meditation, kindness and gratitude daily give me resilience and clarity to endure the pain when it rears its ugly head. Pain may be ugly, but it always brings valuable lessons that comfort cannot provide.

Habits and rituals create the structure but it’s the ‘why’ that really brings it home. Having a purpose greater than yourself such a serving and helping others is a powerful force that puts wind in your sails and drives you through the many obstacles and challenges along the way.

Keeping promises to yourself daily builds confidence and resilience. The high-water mark continues to get higher and the lows become manageable and understood.

Behind every mountain we climb is another mountain waiting – keep climbing and enjoy the journey.

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