Do you ever get that urge that you need to be anywhere other than where you are? That anxious feeling that you must do something or are missing out on what is happening somewhere else?

I’ve spent a large portion of my life chasing external pleasure. I wished away every weekday for the weekend to arrive so I could indulge in material gratification, sex, drugs and EDM. While my external interests have evolved over time, this pattern is something I continuously struggle with. My body still resists initially when I sit to meditate every morning – however when I find my breath and settle in, it becomes clear that the investment of time provides a positive return beyond measure. When you come to realize that lasting peace and bliss come from within, the illusion of external gratification begins to fade. With consistent meditation and inner reflection over long periods of time, pleasure can be found HERE and NOW in life’s most simple moments.

If you are riding the lighting, addicted your phone and chasing the next dopamine hit, I get it, this may sound boring AF. But the peace that comes with striking a balance is undeniable. The level of external stimulus is currently unprecedented and highly detrimental to our mental health. Practice self-love and explore inward. Enjoy the external pleasure that life provides but be aware that you are not chasing happiness and well-being.

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