Get Your Heart-On

Love rocks. We all love to love and experience love from many external sources.
What is remarkable however is our innate ability to inwardly cultivate this same love energy through meditation.

Where we place our attention is where we place our energy – most of the time our attention is focused on random negative thoughts and daily problems we face in our busy lives. When our attention is focused inward on the heart, we retreat from our life, body, environment and schedule. As a dude, focusing on the heart and practicing ‘self-love’ is something I was never exposed to (or would have admitted to in the past). But the powerful feeling of a swollen heart, (heart-on)), overflowing with goodness is unparalleled oftentimes resulting in tears of joy and bliss.

I share this as I’ve just recently felt the benefits of this practice and as a reminder to myself to continue to practice when I feel the crusty edge of past programming rear its ugly head.

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