Mindful Walking Meditation

When we are severely stressed and our minds are agitated and feeling pressure, it can be very difficult to sit quietly to practice meditation. Formal practice including physical movement can be an effective alternative.  Time in nature to recalibrate and reconnect the soul is always recommended on the regular, however combining an outdoor forest or trail walk with a walking meditation technique can really help slow down the monkey mind and put us back into a state of peace, joy and presence. This technique can absolutely be practiced indoors as well.

Being with each step, we can use the movements and sensations of walking to bring ourselves into the present. In theory we can walk at any speed, but for the purpose of this practice we walk very slowly putting one foot in front of the other, slowly and mindfully, aware of each phase in the movements of our walking. Open your senses to see and feel the whole surroundings. After a few minutes, bring attention back to focus on the body. Notice how the body is standing on the earth. Feel the pressure on the bottoms of the feet and the other natural sensations of standing. Be present and alert. 20 minutes is an ideal duration.

You can learn to enjoy walking for its own sake instead of the usual planning, thinking and ruminating. In this simple way we begin to be truly present, to bring the body, heart and mind together as we move through life.

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