Keeping Agreements

Keeping promises and agreements with ourselves and others is critically important and holds a lot of weight in our subconscious brain. You may believe that its no big deal to skip your morning routine, meditation or workout, just for today… or no show an event or function that you are expected at because you are not feeling it. Don’t sweat the little stuff right? Wrong.

Our subconscious brain treats all agreement equally. When we keep our agreements and back what we say with action, our subconscious brain believes it to be true. By consistently keeping promises and agreements we build up our account of personal integrity and our subconscious knows that what we say we say we are going to do, we actually do and we back that with action.

When we have Rewired our subconscious brain through repetition of kept agreements and then decide we want to do something crazy, something way outside of our comfort zone, our subconscious goes to work to make it happen. We are now confident that the action will occur.

The psychological cost of not keeping agreements is real – loss of confidence, trust, respect and disappointment from others and yourself. Something to consider next time you reach for that donut, blow off a workout or hit snooze on the alarm clock.

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