Power Of Play

A lot of people are stressed and struggling right now.

One of the greatest antidotes to stress that we neglect as adults is play.

When we are at play we are in the present moment. We are not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. We are right here and now.

Think back to the joy and laughter as a child when play was the center of your universe.
Why do we have to stop playing around and act like adults? Children laugh 10-20x more per day than we do. How great do you feel after a hard belly laugh??

Even in quarantine, there are many forms of play that we can engage in daily to help reduce stress.

IF you have kids or pets, it’s a no brainer, just engage. Roll with them on their level – get in there and mix it up!

If you are in a relationship, prioritize play. Couples that play together stay together.

If you are able, get outside and play. Biking, running, walking, jumping – preferably in nature. Skips rocks into water or climb a tree, work on your balance, stability, and coordination. Move your body and have fun. Get dirty.

If you are stuck indoors, crank up the music and make simple tasks fun by rocking out and being playful. Be creative.

It does take effort, clear intention, and skill to engage in play during unpleasant circumstances.

This is a challenge worth embracing.
There is beauty in the darkness of our minds if we open to exploring it.

Plato says “Life must be lived as play”

I challenge all of you to play hard this weekend.

Happy Friday and have a beautiful day.

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