School Programs

We are writing to you to share information about an initiative my partner and I have been undertaking and which we hope to partner with your school community for, in hopes of enhancing the social and emotional learning of your students and our world at large.

I am a Mindfulness coach and Zahra Kara is a Child & Family Therapist as well as a Kindfulness Coach, specializing in mental health and Trauma. We are both passionate about our mentoring busy families with children to integrate mindfulness and compassion practises into their daily routines, and having been doing this work for over a decade.

Given the current global climate, children and their families are in need of mindfulness-based learning, more than ever, to help them navigate the additional stress and uncertainty they find themselves experiencing, so that they can discover/develop calm, resilience, confidence and mastery of their inner and external worlds.

We would be grateful for the the opportunity to speak to you further about a program we have jointly developed to help children learn and practice social and emotional skills, at home, at school and in the community— so that they are promoted and reinforced in all the environments they spend their time in.

We have been providing this program to families in our communities and have seen an increasing demand, in addition to receiving high praises for the positive outcomes. This is why we would like to enhance our efforts by seeking a school community which will partner with us to seamlessly reinforce these crucial life lessons, which as you know, need to be integrated beyond the home to truly be successful.

Please contact us to advise if you would like to learn more and/or to partner with us to raise a generation of calm, confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent children.


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