Mastering Mindfulness

Transformative habits for creating your future self in the present moment.

Unfulfilled? Shift your reality in this immersive 6-week course.

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Break Old Patterns: Overcome mental blocks.

Manage Stress: Learn proven stress-busting techniques.

Master Your Mind: Equip yourself with mindfulness tools.

Embrace Abundance: Unlock a life of joy and prosperity


Interactive Workbook

Detailed notes on each topic, reflective journaling prompts, meditation scripts and audio links, and weekly challenges and tasks.

Weekly Guided Practices

Customized 1-hour sessions including 30-minute deep dives, 20-minute live practices, and 10-minute Q&A.

Pricing and Enrollment

Pricing: “$299 — No Tiers, One Complete Offering.

What’s Included:

• Live Weekly – Sessions (1 Hour Each)

• Interactive Workbook

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