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October 27th-29th

Portland Ontario, on Rideau Lake

“Discover a haven of tranquility at our exclusive Rewire meditation & yoga retreat in partnership with ZENosphere. Dive deep into the serene embrace of nature and mindfulness, leaving behind the shackles of stress. Our expert-guided sessions are your ticket to rejuvenation, allowing you to shed the old and emerge transformed, ready to embrace a revitalized life. Experience not just a getaway but a profound journey inward. Embark on a transformative voyage today and reshape your tomorrow.”


(Intimate group of 10 guests with full staff to support)

Workshops & activities

Breathwork & Meditation

Cold Plunge & Hot Sauna

Yoga & Body Movement

Hiking & mindful walking

Journaling & gratitude practice

Sound healing

Psilocybin ceremony

And more!


Deep in-person work to create powerful change.

Dynamic group environment working in coherence.

Experiential activities and practices for life.

Beautiful locations, healthy cuisine and like-minded connections


Companies looking for health and wellness programs For their employees

For those feeling stuck and ready for positive change

For those trapped in overwhelming overthinking.

Anyone who is ready to level up every area of life.

Movement & Yoga with Nilo

Niloufar Khanali is a versatile holistic wellness expert with a diverse background in Human Biology, Clinical Research, and Psychology. She is also an experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, and Sound Healer, dedicated to helping individuals achieve balance and harmony in their lives. Based in vibrant Toronto, she brings two decades of yoga experience and a deep passion for nature and well-being to her work, inspiring others on their wellness journey.

Only 10 spots available

PRICE $1000

Connect with Brian to register for the Rewire Retreat