No Time?!

On the topic of meditation, many people understand the benefits but claim to be too busy or find it too difficult to sit still. In my own practice, I continuously battle my ingrained programming to chase the ‘to do’ list vs sitting quietly and exploring Inward. It takes time to rewire our brains but the true finish line in life is death and everything in between is the journey – you never get it all done!

Waking a little earlier is the perfect hack to create the habit of daily meditation. Even 5-10m mins initially will compound over time and provide massive benefits to the quality of your life and thoughts. Informal practice during your regular day is another great way to reset by taking time follow your breath or by putting your phone/tech away and taking a mindful stroll, preferably in nature.

INVEST TIME IN YOURSELF DAILY!! What could be more important than that? There will be good and bad days, with discipline and consistency, you will ABSOLUTELY change the course of your life for the better.

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