On The Shortness Of Life

Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s tragic passing this week was another heartbreaking and high-profile reminder to live our lives, fully aware and present in every moment. I lost a dear friend long before his time last year which was a very difficult reminder of this important truth. I was on the brink of death in spring of 2013. I was in a coma for two days in ICU – I was given a second chance. It was that experience and the birth of my daughter just a couple of months prior that was the kick in the ass and the gift that set me on a path to live a deeper more meaningful life. But catastrophe is not required to accept this realization.

Time is our most precocious commodity, yet the vast majority of us ignore our mortality and live unconsciously stuck in auto-pilot patterns. We waste so much time chasing material pursuits, postponing our joy, holding grudges and playing it safe. Our life is an opportunity to grow spiritually and become self-aware. An opportunity to face our fears and express who we truly are – to unwrap our own unique gifts. Don’t wait for a catastrophic event to wake up and change the patterns that no longer serve you. The living moment is NOW. Are you living a fulfilled life moment by moment every single day?

The book I’m holding is highly recommended.

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