As A Man Thinketh

I love re-reading old books that have been sitting on my shelf untouched for many years.

It’s like a trip down memory lane with an entirely fresh new perspective.

This classic, published in 1903 on the power of thought, is still one of my favs.


If this is true, would it not make sense to be diligent about monitoring your thoughts?

Despite pretending otherwise, I didn’t always think so highly of myself. It’s an ongoing process.

We talk to ourselves more than anyone through inner dialog, and I’ve bullied myself a lot.

When I began the journey of exploring my inner world, I discovered something missing for me.

Self-compassion and kindness. Without self-compassion, we never really feel good enough.

When negative (untrue) thoughts are left unattended, they can weave into dark stories and narratives.

Fake news of the mind.

You start to believe this BS that creates so much unnecessary unhappiness and suffering.

And yep, this another pro meditation post.

Regular practice of meditation enables you to dis-identify with your thoughts.

With this skill set, you can learn to notice and replace negative thoughts with empowering thoughts.

You can intentionally plant the seeds of thought that will shape the life that you truly seek.

And get out of your own way to allow your light and potential to shine through.

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