Reduce & Manage Stress Part 3 – Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork

“Change as a choice instead of a reaction” Joe Dispenza Here is something that many people may not realize or believe. Our main stress source is repressed and suppressed emotions, internal not external, not someone or something. Accumulated repressed and suppressed feelings trigger what we are holding down when we face discomfort. The work to […]

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I planned some time alone at the end summer to write and reflect. Spending time alone is beautiful concept that I rarely experience and often romanticize. When I arrived at our island cottage, it seemed extra quiet without the usual buzz of family & friends. I proceeded to make myself busy, doing all the things

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Can’t stop the waves

We can train our minds to become stronger than our emotions. A fav quote from the creator of the Mindfulness-based stress reduction program, Jon Kabat-Zinn illustrates this beautifully. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Life just keeps unfolding as it will, despite your preferences. With greater self-awareness, we can all

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