Dealing with uncertainty

I’m hearing a lot about feelings of uncertainty in the world right now.

The truth is that the concept of certainty is an illusion. Our planet spins at 460 meters per second, and everything is energy and always in flow.

When we embrace the present moment as it is rather than what we wish it to be, we liberate ourselves from the suffering we create in our minds.

What we can control is how we show up energetically. We can train our minds to become stronger than our emotions.

We can create habits and rituals to become resilient and heal our nervous system creating emotional fitness to bounce back quickly when triggered off our path.

We can reset our mindset to believe that life is a gift that happens for us, not to us.

We can prepare to face inevitable obstacles as a challenge to overcome and a lesson to learn.

Create certainty by doing the work! There is no magic pill, and no one can do this for you.

Maybe it’s time to level up your inner world.

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