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Take the Helm on your Health

It was a windy sub-zero day yesterday when we hit the beach to connect and dance with nature. This little beauty is resilient and optimistic despite entering another new year of school online. I try to stay in my lane and avoid discussing politics – but this Cad Gov is crushing mental health. The true

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No Gym No Problem?

No gym, no problem? It’s been roughly 5 months out of the gym. I’ve had an active gym membership for almost 30 years and have not missed more than 2-3 weeks consecutively, even during serious injuries that I’ve had my share. COVID has been very frustrating for a lot of people and it’s great to

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3 Self-Care Ideas For Lockdown

It’s crazy times right now.  I want to express appreciation and gratitude for all of the people out there on the front lines caring for those affected by the virus and for those at risk who are keeping us safe and healthy maintaining basic services. This is a critical time for Self-Care. Unmanaged stress wreaks havoc

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Embrace The Struggle

Life is a gift. A temporarily gift however that passes by very quickly if you don’t pay attention. In any given moment, we have two options in life, step into growth or step back into safety. Safety is comfortable and familiar but creates more of the same experience and results. Somewhere along my own journey

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Bro, do you even lift?

The noise of health & fitness experts and products saturating the marketplace is overwhelming. While Midlife Rewire is focused on training & taming the mind, we cannot discount the massive importance of moving the body temple everyday. Without optimal physical health, we have nothing at all. Weight training has a long list of benefits outside

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