Bro, do you even lift?

The noise of health & fitness experts and products saturating the marketplace is overwhelming. While Midlife Rewire is focused on training & taming the mind, we cannot discount the massive importance of moving the body temple everyday. Without optimal physical health, we have nothing at all.

Weight training has a long list of benefits outside of just bulking up, getting lean or adding muscle mass. Benefits such as improved posture, better sleep, gaining bone density, boosting metabolism and lowering inflammation to name a few.

I spent my entire adult life in the gym lifting weights, practicing martial arts and boxing – the silver lining of growing up a late bloomer with confidence issues. In my 40’s I hired a coach and elevated my fitness and diet regimen to entirely new level.  This ultimately led me to the challenge of competing in the men’s physique division of bodybuilding and reaching the very top of the amateur ranks by my second show. More importantly, this process forged new positive daily habits that I carry with me ongoing.

That said, I have noticed that some of the most amazing benefits of daily weight training and cardio have nothing at all to do with how much better you look in the mirror.

  • You feel AMAZING after training! it really does melt away all of the BS and stress from your day and leaves you feeling awake, alert, alive and ready to create our best life.
  • The influence on your children, family and friends is paramount. Your consistent action will inspire others to create better habits including physical activity.
  • What a great opportunity to learn and expand your mind by listening to audio-books and podcasts while on the treadmill or exercise bike. Not a single moment is wasted if you use this time to expand your horizons.

If you are not doing some type of daily physical activity and body movement, start now, it’s never too late. Hire a coach to get you on the right track. Don’t wait for ‘someday’ to come! There will be days that you won’t feel like doing it, lots of them. Get off your chair and overcome the instilled complacent programming. Take control of that familiar voice in your head that is telling you to grab a donuts and chill! Moving your body consistently everyday will create momentum and motivation that will be reflected in all areas of your life.

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