Meditation for Longevity

I had the honour of leading breathwork and meditation to an extraordinary group of medical specialists, celebrities, biohackers, and industry leaders over this past weekend.

I love that meditation is now recognized in the mainstream as a pillar for living a longer healthier life. Meditation also connects us to a life source of energy and wisdom that cannot be measured.

Astronaut/author Chris Hadfield added deep social & personal relationships to the longevity list based on advice from a doctor friend at NASA. We all need meaningful human connections to thrive and reach our greatest potential!

Chris signed one of my kid’s favourite books and I had the pleasure of spending two nights playing guitar and singing around the campfire with him and several other beautiful human beings. (I thought I was good at remembering lyrics, this man is on another level!)

This week I challenge you to connect deeply to others. Make this a priority. No one should be alone or isolated. COVID has made this difficult and continues to divide us in many ways. Connection, community, and a sense of belonging are critical to living a long life filled with health & happiness.