Polar Vortex – 24 Hour Funk

Polar Vortex – 48 Hour Funk

It’s been a cold spring for those of us living on the East coast of North America –lack of sunshine combined with the uncertainty of the pandemic can mentally unhinge the most resilient of us.

I recently noticed that my energy level and optimistic confidence was starting to fall like the wet May snow and then stagnate like the cold thick fog covering everything.

I crossed over to a darker place, despite literally enjoying an early morning outdoor breathwork and meditation practice the day before along with some snowy afternoon kickboxing drills in the cold – I was feeling quite vibrant and balanced.

Regardless of whether this funky feeling was weather or quarantine related (or more likely a combination of many factors), it’s a reminder that the work on ourselves is never done. This illustrates the importance of being self-aware of thoughts, emotions, and habits.

My body told me to climb under a blanket, open a bottle of red wine, eat a pot brownie, and watch TV all day – a familiar yet temporary comfort from the past – but FK that. I didn’t listen. Instead, I got out of my way and plowed forward for myself and for those I support. For this reason, I take no days off and apply the following daily self-care routine:

  • Awareness of Faith – this too shall pass.
  • Awareness of Purpose – revisit my WHY
  • Morning routine – early rise, meditation & gratitude.
  • Body movement – some form of exercise.
  • Healthy consumption – body and mind.
  • Breathe – mindful breathing and awareness always.
  • Joy and laughter – prioritize playtime.

To create resilience to stress and the negative bias of the human condition, we have the choice to invest time and energy into our mental, physical, and spiritual health, proactively, every single day.

I’m grateful for these ‘Polar Vortex’ episodes of the mind that come and then go. It’s a humbling reminder of just how fragile we are. It’s a call to action and motivation to stay on the path. It also helps puts into perspective the suffering that so many people endure daily dealing with chronic stress and illness. It creates a deep empathy and compassion for the suffering of others.

If you are feeling down just keep going! If you are down and can’t get up on your own, reach out for help.

Find your path and stick with it. Create a daily routine that serves you and have faith knowing that the sun rises every day and that it will shine on you once again.

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