A better day starts in the morning.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habits are what keeps you going”. Jim Rohn

Ask the masters or high achievers, and they will almost always describe a powerful morning routine. What we do in the morning sets the tone for the day ahead. The morning is an opportunity to create space for self-care practices that provide an armour of resilience to handle whatever the day may bring. I tell my clients to start by waking 15 minutes earlier than usual – which means also going to bed earlier. Make a slow transition over time. Never sacrifice sleep, as sleep is at the top of the food chain for mental and physical health! Avoid tech in the morning, most importantly, your smartphone. Keep your phone away from where you sleep unless you are on call. When you check your phone, you shift into a reactive state: a tough habit for many to break but an absolute game-changer. Hydrate next, preferably with lemon water, and take whatever time you have protected for a quiet practice to center your mind. I recommend meditation, but any form of breathwork, reflection, journalling visualization, or just sitting in silence will help you slow your thoughts and connect to your intentions for the day. Coupled with some form of body movement or sweaty exercise will boost your energy and elevate your focus to make the most of the day ahead.