#24 Jana Webb – Mindset & Meditation

Rewire with Brian Coones
Rewire with Brian Coones
#24 Jana Webb - Mindset & Meditation

Jana Webb is the founder and CEO of Joga, an athletic style of yoga that has revolutionized how people including elite athletes strengthen their minds and bodies – elite Athletes from the NHL, NBA, NFL, MBL, MLS, and Olympians. She is a speaker, influencer, a media personality and starred in the reality TV show Real Housewives of Toronto. In 2016 she was hit head-on in her car by a cement truck and suffered a brain injury and broke her back in 3 places. Jana shares her journey of healing (without drugs or painkillers) through Joga, meditation, breathwork, visualization, and a strong will. Her story is absolutely inspirational. We discuss tips on how to survive and even thrive in quarantine.

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