#9 Ache Hernandez – 1111, Habits & Transformation

Rewire with Brian Coones
Rewire with Brian Coones
#9 Ache Hernandez - 1111, Habits & Transformation

Ache is a talented actor, singer and painter. He moved to Canada just over 11 years ago from Cuba. As an actor, Ache’s work includes Bad Blood, Alias JJ, Designated Survivor and Suits. He is currently working on a very well-known project that cannot be disclosed at this time. He is an exceptional singer and painter – he has recorded a massive library of music/videos and his paintings can be found all over the country. Ache has struggled with addiction and depression and his story is an inspiring transformation. We go deep into this transformation and how the passing of a dear friend became the catalyst to rewire his life. We also dig into his new 1111 tattoo – (which we now both share). We discuss the significance of that and what we believe it means.

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