We Rise By Lifting Others

One of the fascinating side effects of ‘doing the work’ and opening and expanding the heart space is the ability to feel others energy, pleasant or unpleasant.

In my practice this am, I felt a deep sense of empathy for those in the Ukraine who woke this morning to the fear and chaos of war.

On a lesser scale in my home Country of Canada, I’ve felt this in recent weeks and months with Covid and the divisiveness it has created.

This is a time to be Kind to one another. To be strong and stand in our truth. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help us connect with this truth, inner peace, non-judgement, self-compassion, and kindness despite the external chaos.

Please be kind to one another. We rise by lifting others!

And remember this:

Some days, it feels grey.

And that’s OK.

Be kind to yourself.

Slow down.Practice self-care.

But don’t ever give up!

Get back up and keep moving forward.

Days will be sunny, and days will be grey.

Either way, this too shall pass.

The light inside shines brightly.