I planned some time alone at the end summer to write and reflect.

Spending time alone is beautiful concept that I rarely experience and often romanticize.

When I arrived at our island cottage, it seemed extra quiet without the usual buzz of family & friends.

I proceeded to make myself busy, doing all the things that cottage owners do.

An odd feeling of loneliness crept in right away.

Odd considering how much I had looked forward to this and was accustomed to it (in the past).

I was plagued with thoughts of guilt, not doing enough, not being enough, missing kids, responsibilities and what ‘they’ will think? What the f&ck are you doing this for?

My mindfulness practice set in motion a shift of awareness into the sensations in the body.

I noticed my thoughts from a higher perspective, without judgement, coming and going.

I removed my shoes and connected to the earth, dipped in the water and breathed in the air.

In coherence with natures perfect frequency to center the soul to wholeness.

I became aware of the unconscious program and reclaimed my awareness of intention.

We all have freewill to direct our attention to where we choose – I stopped doing and started being.

And then I saw the truth. I could see my shadows and face them, greeting them with awareness.

Without fear. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know who I serve in truth.

Letting go allows peace, love and creativity to arise and flow.  Truth.

Create space to be alone – have the courage to shine light inward and remember who you are and what matters most.