#41 RYZ & Rewire – Intentions

This week’s RYZ was a 6am, dark and very cold (-13C), weighted hill sprint and breathwork session. After thawing out, caffeinating, and giddy from the afterglow, Rod and I speed through another unedited discussion, this time around intentions.
Are you living with intention? Are you moving in the right direction each and every day in alignment with your goals and purpose? When we live with pure intention, we tend to be real, genuine, and authentic.

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#40 RYZ & Rewire – Reflections

Welcome to the 1st RYZ & Rewire episode with myself and Rod Blanchard.

In these short, unscripted and unfiltered podcasts, we will share personal stories of struggle, transformation and the ongoing journey to raise the collective vibration – with an intention to inspire and at least entertain!

Each week after our 6am RYZ workout/breathwork session, we will pick a topic and go deep. This week we reflect on lessons learned from 2020 and dip our toes into cold exposure therapy.

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#38 Ayahuasca 2020 – Part 1, Before

Deep intentional exploration creates self-realization and awareness to unlock unlimited potential. This internal awakening may open the door to unimaginable possibilities and healing.

I feel that this experience is a ‘peek under the curtain’ of our current limited reality, an opportunity to embody a transcendent state, where we experience and connect to higher levels of consciousness and wisdom.

My first ceremony was almost nine years ago.

In Part 1 of this podcast, I share my thoughts and intentions before embarking on my most recent ceremonial journey.

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